Well Intended Love Review

Well İntended Love is my very first Chinese Drama and it divides Chinese Drama fandom into two -Lucky me😅 – But first let me introduce the drama.

A third-rate actress Xia Lin/Mumu (Simona Wang) is diagnosed with leukemia and when she goes through doctor’s file she learns that she needs to receive bone marrow transplant from famous, successful, cold-hearted CEO Ling Yi Zhou (Xu Kai Cheng). She runs to him in desperation but he has one condition; marrying with him for 2 years. Obviously she accepts this condition and had to deal with Yi Zhou’s enemy Jin Tian (Yang Hao Ming) who is after revenge because his real mom’s death and his obsessive friend Ah Ran (Charry Qi). But throughout all of this, the thing that she has never imagined happens: she fell in love with him deeply after marriage but what about him?

Before discussion I want to talk about what I love in this drama.

First of all, the drama has a very realistic approach about newlyweds love and life. I started this drama at the time where I got bored watching main leads who behave like babies delivered by storks (Do I sound like a pervert? 😅). In most of K-dramas male /female leads who are in their thirties or forties behave like innocent teenagers and even holding hands takes a lot of time. But Well Intended Love offers totally the opposite of that. At least when they have a baby, nobody can say when did this happen. Secondly, main leads have amazing chemistry. They are cheesy, lovey-dovey and overly protective –even aggressive sometimes– about each other. Not just main leads, even Jia Fei (Liu Jia Xi) who is Mumu’s bff and Wen Li (Huang Qian Shuo) who is obedient personal secretary/friend of Yi Zhou have great chemistry. So although I can’t say that acting is A-class, but they sure make you feel warm inside.
Also there is one character who deserves a special paragraph: Chu Yan (Ian Yi). He is nice, sassy, renowned actor, Yi Zhou’s bff and in love with Mumu . But apart from other dramas he does nothing tricky to take her from his friend. You recognize clear sadness in his eyes when he looks to her but that’s it. He doesn’t even think about betraying his friend/his brother for a second although that gives him immense pain. That’s why he is mesmerizing character for me.


Here comes the dilemma:

  • Let’s say you have rich, handsome, smart, tenacious husband and you love each other to the moon and back. One day you learn that he lied, manipulated you and gave you emotionally and physically pain to make you marry him before everything else. What would you do? Could you give him a second chance if he regrets it or would you just say what a psycho and leave him?

In middle of our drama we learn that Mumu didn’t have leukima in first place, she just had minor anemia but Yi Zhou –after loving her one sidedly for a long time– meddled to the situation, changed her health documents to make her marry him. Of course our girl gives great response and leaves him when she learns the truth.

During this separation he who was abandoned by his mom regrets and understands that loving someone and having someone isn’t the same thing. After witnessing how short life is, she decides to stay with him and he gives her ultimate promise to change his view of love.

To be honest I would give a second chance too. I don’t mean to say this is the right thing to do, but in that scenario I love him and he loves me. And he learnt his lesson. So leaving him at that point would be punishing myself.

What about you? Let me know!

In conclusion if you don’t feel irritated about the plot so much then I’m sure that you will love this. Acting and execution aren’t so great but somehow the drama manages to make you love it.

PS: If you decide to watch it, be aware, the drama has lots of passionate kiss scenes 😏😗

You can watch it on Netflix!

Written by: @reinerMensch