Will Tunnel be too similar to Signal?

Naver – Enews24: ‘Tunnel’ Director and actors “We didn’t watch signal”

1. [+2668, -75] If you saw it why would you say that you didn’t….Is too similar?

2. [+1977, -49] I want to watch Signal again ㅠ

3. [+1903, -39] Did you work hard only to find people who didn’t watch Signal

4. [+1406, -52] It’s unpleasant to hear it…

5. [+343, -4] ? Yoon Hyun Min what are you talking about? You have watched Signal while you were on ‘I live Alone’

6. [+281, -3] But it’s very similar to the beginning of Signal. They both have the same case

7. [+233, -7] Yoon Hyun Min watched the drama when he was on ‘I live Alone’ ㅋㅋ

8. [+140, -1] Why the poster looks like for an Indian movie?

9. [+146, -4] I’m tired of time slip…Why if something makes a fuss, everyone start doing it?