Yoo Ah In suffering from bone tumor + Still waiting for re-examination date

Naver – tv Report: Yoo Ah In Said “It’s a bone tumor…Waiting for for re-examination date”
1. [+13640, -475] Lim Yoon-taek also said:”Its in a good stage and its not cancer?” There were many words like this. People believe in death…ugh
2. [+10701, -349] I Hope you get better soon without thinking about anything and i hope your company takes actions against people who talked bad about you
3. [+9674, -353] Why didn’t you go to the army? I always wondered and i’m really sorry  ㅠㅠ Yoo Ah In dont get sick
4. [+7658, -227] Aigoo…I wish you a quick recovery

5. [+6274, -685] Celebrities get stressed, and they get cancer

6. [+1790, -91] Some Celebrities fall into the public interest whe they need to join the military, the reality is really painfull for these celebrities

7. [+1103, -61] No, ever if this a celebrity matter, can the hospital reveal a personal information about the patient? this is a security mess

8. [+1014, -77] People didnt know anything and cursed at him, thats not something to be proud of. If you dont know anything, close you mouth and dont write words that can kill people.

9. [+987, -72] Even if its still at the begining, it must be really painfull.

10. [+803, -31] I used to be in the military, and i don’t thing the other guys who didnt serve are bad. But what i felt for 2 years is that the military is efficient and inefficient. It is inflexible and inhuman. Even healthy people find it hard to bear and it made me sick. I had broken my leg in the army, it was really painfull but i kept eating normally.It was terrible. Even if the army is sick, you have to go. Don’t break your body just to avoid it. think about yourself first.